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Monday, August 17, 2009


Genesis 2:22-25 records the first union of a man & woman in a marriage ceremony performed by God. Suppose it could be said of every marriage, "the Lord God... made ... a woman & brought her to the man !" Suppose the preequisite to marriage were a woman made whole & beautiful by her encounter with the living God, led by Him to a man "under orders" & equipped for life because of his communion with his Creator! It would have a profound effect upon the joy & spiritual quality of that union. And I daresay it would change considerably the comon mode of courtship which we as a society have taught our young. Well might such a man response to to such a woman with the words of Adam:"This at last is bone of my bone & flesh of my flesh". The quality of such a God- ordained union would form the prospectus for a three - dimensional unity which would glorify the God who united them.
From the book:"A Woman's Worth"
By Elaine Stedman