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Monday, August 17, 2009


Genesis 2:22-25 records the first union of a man & woman in a marriage ceremony performed by God. Suppose it could be said of every marriage, "the Lord God... made ... a woman & brought her to the man !" Suppose the preequisite to marriage were a woman made whole & beautiful by her encounter with the living God, led by Him to a man "under orders" & equipped for life because of his communion with his Creator! It would have a profound effect upon the joy & spiritual quality of that union. And I daresay it would change considerably the comon mode of courtship which we as a society have taught our young. Well might such a man response to to such a woman with the words of Adam:"This at last is bone of my bone & flesh of my flesh". The quality of such a God- ordained union would form the prospectus for a three - dimensional unity which would glorify the God who united them.
From the book:"A Woman's Worth"
By Elaine Stedman


  1. It's strange that I should post a poem on marriage and you have one here too.
    The modern idea of courtship seems to be to test out sexual compatability. The is something to be said for arranged marriages.

  2. I think the arranged marriage might have merit.

    Lisa/Woman of the North.